For more naming info see: Windows 2000 volume naming.
Important: Due to enhancements in the server IDE driver, you usually will want to install from SP4 media.
For system management Windows 2000 introduced the Microsoft Management Console and server a vast majority of system administration tools from Windows.0 were moved to MMC 'snap-ins'.Developers: Windows 2000 Server Homepage, system Requirements For Windows 2000 Server- server Advanced Server.Features on the fun consumer side (or further brought over from 98) is support for DirectX.0, which is able to be upgraded up to DirectX.0c (Shader.0) with support remaining windows in DirectX up to the June 2010 SDK.It supports TCP/IP load balancing and enhanced two-node server clusters based on the Microsoft Cluster Server (mscs) in Windows NT Server.0 Enterprise Edition.It also supports DNS Server.It also has the Autodial by location feature which used Remote Access windows Auto Connection Manager windows Service.Windows for Workgroups.11 build 100 German.Windows 98 Second Edition build 2170A Unfortunately, this one is missing two CABs because two warez release parts were corrupted.This is RC1 of WfW.11, the German release is dated 28th September 1993, some days later than the English release (of which we're missing disk 1).Windows 2000 included no new stock games, including only FreeCell, Minesweeper, Pinball and Solitaire.Click on below button to start Windows 2000 Server- Advanced Server Free Download.Exe, along with a set of NT native mode utilities may be launched from the recovery console. Most of what is built into cmd.
Features of Windows 2000 Server- Advanced Server.