the king's speech book

Bertie That isn't funny.
The red light on the microphone starts to kings blink.I can't imagine living in that kind of fear, and with that anger and grief.(then) Beware, speech jolly Swagmen, I'll skewer yer gizzards.A murmur, then a shocked gasp, as the gun carriage transverses a tram track book and tilts precipitously.Winston churchill Mugs for his cancelled Coronation will soon be on clearance sale.Bertie After the may be even more difficult.We could pre-record an edited version to be broadcast to the world.Lionel I need one.When the glass doors of the upper balcony open the murmur becomes a roar.Myrtle (cont'D) May I offer you a cup speech of tea, Ma'am?A shimmering surface of cold water - held in an immense, free standing, white enamelled bathtub with gilded lion's legs - bulges in slow motion to the chords of Handel's "Trumpet Volunteer".' Myrtle Logue enters the living room, book and looks into speech Lionel's study.«The Logue Method» ( The Marriage of Figaro, Clarinet Concerto mvt.Tell me more about your storybook childhood.One of them passes the ball to Lionel who, despite briefcase and rolled brolly, dribbles skillfully before passing the ball and entering a modest brownstone.Did you hear his pathetic attempt at the Accession speech Council?IN THE study: lionel (cont'D) Glad you had a chance to meet Myrtle.Instead, he learns to give speeches through his stutter.She retreats rapidly back into the consulting room.Myrtle I've got the boys sorting their things. His position requires public speaking upon occasion.
Graves of the mighty: kings, poets, and statesmen.
Bertie I'm not crooning to the tune of "Swanee River!" lionel Try "Camptown Races" then.

Or, it being a pleasant day, take the king's speech book a stroll.
They remain where they are.