retrogamefan multi cart update v6.96

Download the games latest Multi Cart Update first and install to root.
Select the repair cheats you want, then press start to save and return to YSMenu.
And it is reported that non-official dstt kernel game (RetroGameFan) support more DS Game ROMs.
Also caused by patch outdated (file depends on which cart you are using) errcode-81/-82/-83, caused by fragmentation on your ÂSD.Suggestion _ Some bugs left on your memory card, please use this.Font Colour: quan patch To change the font arcade colour, edit these values in i : color_path0x801F, color_file0xC210, number color_folder0x8000, color_select0xDF7C, color_seltext0x8C0E, color_text0x801F, loading Error Codes : errcode-4/-5/-6/-8.Required loading data missing in infolib or kernel can't interpret ARM9.For dstt/i, R4/i sdhc, dsone/i, R4sdhc.34, M3 Real/M3iZero, GE/GEi and other dstt/R4 Clones which can use YSMenu/TTMenu.Txt and other.txt files included.Description, image, size.47MB, date, saturday 11:02:27.TT TTi patch Related Link dstti Kernel-YSMenu Latest News TTi dstti Card Operation Manual dstti Card Specification TTi dstti Card Anti-fake).Kirby (J) fixed 6060 - Ice Age 4 truong Continental Drift (U) fixed 6063 - Brave (E) fixed 6064 - Xia-Xia (E) fixed 6065 - Brave (U) fixed 6066 - To-Fu Collection (U) fixed 6067 - Youda patch Safari (E) fixed xxxx - I Spy Castle (U).Both latest unofficial dstt kernel and newest official dstt kernel.18 can be run access on your dstt / dstti flashcart. Trying to find your carts original Kernel and the website no longer exists?
Non-official Kernel Download, dSTTi dstt YSMenu.06 (Dec-24-2018).
Dstt Kernel / dstt Firmware is also compatible with dstti.

Go to your carts website and download a firmware patch (if available).
Some games Roms works after eNDryptS Advanced.2 retrogamefan multi cart update v6.96 installed (How?