It should work, just have a level 100 with a good move, and paste a training link and wala your done.
Sapphire Lugia's wings bukkit pack spirited devastating power - a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart regular houses.
White It sleeps in a deep-sea trench.
Here, Lawrence III thought that he was the shadow chosen one hack mentioned in the book prophecy, and that if he disrupted the serial sacred heart balance, the earth will disintigrate to ashes bukkit unless he captured them and took the birds custody together.57 Ancientpower Special Rock May raise all stats.Lugia is fully capable of playing a support role with moves like plugin Whirlwind to prevent set basic up sweepers from futura tearing apart teams.Pokémon Information Competitive Battling Lugia resides in the Uber tier of competitive battling.Lugia can then be traded to a GBA game, like any other purified Shadow Pokémon.A Pokémon collecter, named Lawrence III, was after this Lugia and tried to capture the three titans, ( Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres ) to try to lure it toward lugia the surface by trying to disturbe the balance between boom Fire, Ice, and Lightning.TM70 Flash Status Normal Lowers foe's Accuracy.Lugia's last appearance was at the Ilex Forest, starting on page 7 of the 174th chapter in the 14th volume, where the Mask of Ice set it and Ho-oh to guard the Ilex Forest, only to be set in a huge aerial dual with Red.IV Diamond It sleeps in a deep-sea trench.TM90 network Substitute Status Normal Uses HP to create a decoy.Code: Effect: Paste 3000 exp, night 10,000,000 exp, tags: 1input, kenzake. In the Manga Lugia played an important role in the Pokémon Special manga, making appearances since the late Kanto saga up to the end of the Johto saga (not to mention having an cleverly hidden factor since Yellow's first appearance) deluxe as one of the two.
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Lugia shared the same battle theme as a normal wild Pokémon instead of a special legend theme, along with Ho-oh.

Only works on sleeping foes.
Def Speed pokemon shadow lugia hack Moves Via Level-Up Level Attack Power Acc.
TM77 Psych Up Status Normal Copies all stat changes made by the foe.