I'd hate to see this thing tucked away inside a hack case.
We've seen, asus' latest Republic of Gamers motherboard and we got an early look.
X58 Pro-E Specifications page lists SLI support, but no SLI bridge games is provided.
onto The south bridge clash controls the six primary sata ports topics which are directly in front.Other MSI-speicifc bits include the OC Genie button, touch sensitive buttons for power, reset and manual Base Clock control, voltage check points (which are always useful) and manual voltage-tweaking switches, which apparently overclockers love.Think of it as a budget oriented X58 board surfing that's all business.Select Page1 - Introduction2 - bios3 - Subsystem Testing4 - Multimedia Benchmarks5 eset - Gaming Benchmarks6 - Overclocking and Conclusions.When you're not trying to break overclocking records) you'll never need to use the second 8-pin connector for the CPU.MSI's latest XPower board at the start of last month.Unfortunately I think MSI fumbled the ball with this thing.A CrossFire bridge is provided but usually unneeded, since most season CrossFire-capable graphics cards already include one.The other components, like X58 Northbridge, the memory and QPI/VTT seem play to have just a phase or windows two - again whether this makes a tangible difference to Asus' three city phases in such areas remains to be seen.Big Bang Fuzion (Lucid Hydra) board. Thanks to the near minimalist games design of the X58 PRO-E, the CPU area is very game clean.
Last but not least are the included "M-Connectors" city which we've seen before on other boards.
The expansion slot configuration of the X58 PRO-E is really quite good.

Frankly I've seen overclocking results that are just as good or nearly as good from so called budget offerings.
Three x16-length PCI Express.0 slots support two msi x58 pro-e manual cards at full bandwidth and a third with x4 pathways.
We don't have an endless sea of phases or as many features with marketing buzzwords attached to them as we've seen with other boards.