minecraft bukkit iconomy plugin

Your imagination is the keys limit, and iConomy is just plugging.
If text entered by a serial player matches a configured rule, Command iConomy will converter attempt to deluxe bill the player.
If the command is configured with a cost of zero, processing will strang stop but the player will not be charged.Please see the, fAQ, before asking questions, before you ask any questions, any questions at all, read the.Ex: /warp network help: 0 /warp S: 10, really Quick Regular Expression Info code Start of command, autocad end of command.If a match serial is found, Command iConomy stops looking for a match and charges the player the configured amount.Please opeew ticket schijf FOR every issue, there will BE NO help IN comments!To do so, add a space and then the number of seconds to wait after the command's cost.A typical configuration line looks like this: /tp: 10, a configuration line matching sub-commands might look like this: /time (daynight.Command expressions are matched in order from network top to bottom.You can book download the first DEV Build now!Version v10.0.0, overview, command iConomy is a plugin that allows a server admin to assign a cost to server commands that is deducted from a player's iConomy account whenever wings a player uses file that command.Yml file to localize Command iConomy's text.Command iConomy requires Vault!Examples include charging for each summoned magic carpet, or adding a fee for different kits. It converter provides an easy to use API / service for other plugins to utilize to create innovative and new creations like lottery systems, card games, shops, and more.