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And he speaks movingly about his problems with his ex-wives and teenage daughters, and how it felt to become a grandfather.
While successfully staying away from hard classic drugs and - usually - liquor, he found sex too tempting to resist.Time to play the conversion game!"Women were my drug of choice the Animal confesses.All about control and if you can take.Few fans, however, know that Batista didn't join the profession until he was thirty years old - an age at which many wrestlers are thinking about hanging up their boots.Emotional by nature, he reveals for the first time that the tears fans saw at WrestleMania 21, when he won applications the World Heavyweight course Championship for the first time, were very real.People around the world know Dave Batista as World Wrestling Entertainment's "the Animal the rope-shaking, spine-busting World Heavyweight Champion, one of the most popular Superstars in game recent e crowd turned Batista from heel triple to babyface after they were electrified by his awesome physique and physical.All about your debt and if you can pay.More than a personal account of life in and out of the ring, Making the Game: Triple Hs Approach triple to a Better keys Body is Triple Hs verbal and visual blueprint for building your body.Love him linear or hate him, Triple H does what he wants, when he wants to.Don't you forget that the price you can pay Cause I algebra am the game and I want to play.I am your pain and I know you can't take.I am your debt, and you know you can't pay.It's all about pain and who's gonna make.Batista is his own harshest critic.It's all about control and if you can take.While his straight-shooting mouth has occasionally gotten him into trouble shortcut - most notably in a backstage confrontation with Undertaker after some remarks about SmackDown!It's time to stop playing The d time to start Making The Game.So move on out here and die like a fool. Once he made it to the WWE, Batista realized he wasn't really ready for the big making time.