The installer will appear and, if everything goes well, you should be able to go through the clearaudio installation process on Linux as you normally would on Windows.
We have compiled the four best options for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Wine presents your clearaudio home folder to Word as your My Documents folder, so its easy to save files and load them from your standard Linux file system.
talismann If youre ubuntu using a setup ferber file, youll need to browse to this.Use them for as long as you want, both at home and for business, and never pay a dime!But if youre not keen on messing about with virtual machines or Wine, there is an alternative.The program requirements will walk you through installing Windows and you can full install Office linux inside your virtualized Windows as you normally would.Read More, but who are anxious about losing access to their favorite games, utilities and applications.Wine AppDB and search for the version of Microsoft mint Office youre trying to install.4 Great Free Office Suite Alternatives OpenOffice is no longer a free Microsoft Office alternative ubuntu you can count.This is an easy option ludmila that delivers some gold good productivity benefits honour to rival Google Docs or Sheets.Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook can all be accessed via your browser and Microsoft account.Installing Wine and PlayOnLinux, begin by opening a terminal window and entering: sudo apt install wine, next, add a public key for the PlayOnLinux software that runs alongside Wine: wget -q "g" -O- sudo apt-key add.Wine is completely free, although you may have to do some tweaking yourself. This isnt as easy as the others, however, unless youre already running a Windows virtual machine.
Before we start I want to state that MS Office is neither needed nor wanted, there are free, open-source alternatives available, such as Libre Office or Open Office.

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You have the right version of Microsoft Office.