Interactive objects - The hero isn't able to go to sleep, open chests, sit maverick down, sharpen any weapons ebook or use praveen other interactive objects while being under attack.
Removed invisible barricades from kaettekita the stairs of the tower above cake Faring.
The hero doesn't gratuitement re-enter sneak mode cube automatically after being forced into ultra conversation with an NPC.
Numerous textures corrected, improved or added.Warty odnotowania jest fakt, iż patch działa z polską wersją.Some minor bug graphics fixes and improvements.With difficulty "hard the attacks moves of arena combatants are slightly faster.When a weapon cyborg hits water, the water waves won't serial hover diagonally in the air.Lightmap issue on some ruin's walls."Orc armor" reincluded into the game.Community Patch.75 (patch retail version).Fixed sketch bug where animal groups could use sprint attacks when difficulty "easy" was activated.Wobei kuro-chan es hier zu einigen Abweichungen aufgrund fehlender Stringtable-Einträge kommt.Use at your own risk!For modders: New property "FullBody" included in Item_PS. Inventory related computer topics (trading, looting, etc.) Trader's amount of money slightly increased.
Short manual CPT tools.

Numerous holes between the head and the body of various NPCs have been mostly closed.
Changelog deutsch, readme deutsch.
Visual feedback when the hero ist poisoned or has low life energy (optional).(Video - gothic 3 1.74 patch pl click here) - Hunter merchants will pay twice the price for dark snapper leather again.