ffxiv beta client ps3

Since you can't talk about them either (due to the game Non-Disclosure Agreement) the only reason to play the Beta right now is to help the development team figure out problems.
Would I simply cake be able to use the already installed client and simply attach my PC account to my PSN ID, game or will I be required to purchase a beta second PS3 disc just to attach my account to my PSN ID?
Bought ffxiv on PS3 and want to upgrade?
The third phase should begin in game a month or so, so you have another chance to get asda in then.However, my girlfriend is planning on playing along with me through our PS3.The PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV provides an experience much closer to the PC version, plus includes a few PS4-specific benefits such as the ability to use the DualShock 4's trackpad as a virtual mouse cursor and the ability to play on Vita.Follow the on-screen instructions to begin playing.Check very, very carefully that you have chosen the correct epub account to upgrade if you have more than one.Many of the first round of Beta Testers had high-performance machines that were game able to run the game really well, so it makes sense cake that now they'd choose some people with average-to-low specs.With that said, we're only in Phase 2 of the Beta, out of a planned 4 Phases.If you didn't participate in the beta, you can download the full client from maker the PlayStation Store, but note there may still be further updates when you launch.If you've played Final Fantasy XIV on PS3 before, you can upgrade for free, and the upgrade will be available from now until "at least the end of the year." You'll need to have logged in from your PS3 version at least once before attempting.Starting Friday, April 4, billiard 2014, final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be available for download from the PlayStationStore.Users who did not participate in beta test phase 1 will be prompted to link their Square plugins Enix account and Sony Entertainment Network account upon entering their ID and password.If you're signed up for the PS3 Beta, you won't hear back until next month or later.I'd client really like the freedom to access my account on either system at any time I wish.So, I pre-ordered my PC Collector's Edition earlier today. If you want to improve your ffxiv experience, don't have a PC up to the job of running the game but do happen windows to have a shiny new PlayStation 4 waiting asda for some games worth playing, you're in luck: Square Enix has launched its PS3-to-PS4.
No registration is necessary after downloading the game client.