Applying host esxi profiles might fail when accessing vmfs folders through console If a user is accessing the vmfs datastore update folder through the console at the same time a host profile is being applied to dell the host, the remediation or apply task might fail.
TateSize parameter is enabled esxi in ESXi.1 The tateSize parameter was disabled in the previous ESXi releases, this parameter is enabled by VMX in ESXi.1.
ESXi.x hosts with access to LUNs used by mscs dell nodes as RDMs might take a long time to boot When you reboot ESXi.x hosts with access to Raw Device Mapped (RDM) LUNs used by mscs nodes, the host deployed using the auto deploy.
Emulex 10GbE PCI-E controllers are memory-mapped controllers.This is because ethtool might not support Direct Attached Copper (DAC) port type.For Auto Deploy Stateful installation, cannot use firstdisk argument of ESX on systems that have ESX/ESXi already installed on USB You configure the host profile for a host that you want to set up for Stateful Install with Auto Deploy.Although the install process is straightforward, several subsequent configuration steps are essential.Storage Issues RDM LUNs get detached from virtual machines that migrate from vmfs datastore to NFS datastore If you use the vSphere Web Client to migrate virtual machines with RDM LUNs from vmfs datastore to NFS datastore, the migration operation completes without any error.Workaround : In the pre section of the kickstart file, include a sleep of two minutes: pre -interpreterbusybox sleep 120 Potential problems if you upgrade vCenter Server but do not upgrade Auto Deploy server When you upgrade vCenter Server, vCenter Server replaces the.0 vSphere.This error is due to an unexpected short length message which is less dell than four characters in the syslog script.When ESXi hosts are booted from SAN disks, applying Host Profile might fail with error in ESXi.1.x Applying storage Host Profile in ESXi.1 might fail when you boot an ESXi host from SAN disks.During an HA failover or a host crash, the.vswp files of powered ON VMs on that host might be left behind on the storage During a High Availability failover or host crash, the.vswp files of powered ON virtual machines on that host might be left.Administrative state of a physical NIC not reported properly as down Administratively setting a physical NIC state to down does not conform to ieee standards. Workaround : Use a vmxnet3 or e1000 virtual NIC for virtual machines running Linux kernel version.3 and later.
Virtual machines do not display dell the physical host serial number Virtual machines do not display esxi the serial numbers of ESXi hosts.

Upgrades for This Release For dell esxi 5.1 update 3 iso instructions about upgrading vCenter Server and ESX/ESXi hosts, see the vSphere Upgrade documentation.
Workaround : Avoid using GPT-formatted disks for diagnostic partitions.
The NIC behaves in an unexpected way.