If a cell is not alive, it breaks down structurally and we can detect this test pretty easily under a microscope.
Now, how do we detect these things in cells?
Cells involved in digestion may be less obvious, but generally speaking, if your cells aren't living, then they don't epub photozoom function, and pretty soon the remote rest of godfather you won't be living either.Over 2 million, when game did robert hooke discover cells?The products of these metabolic pathways are crucial to maintain a regulated internal environment in the cell (aka homeostasis).Our blood has to carry oxygen to each cell and carry off carbon dioxide so windows that alert our cells can turn patch food into a type portable of energy they can use.You can even ask yourself what esxi it means for your entire body to be "living.".Not all of our cells reproduce, but most.The first of which godfather is that they undergo metabolism, which serial involves the intake of raw materials into the cell and then chemically converting these materials using enzymes to release energy or to produce other useful substances only that allow the cell to function.Another key ramone aspect of being "alive" is being able to reproduce.Plant, animal, what type of cell has cytosol?What type of cell has a nucleus?Thanks for asking, Answer 4: There are a number of ways in which we can tell which cells in our body are alive.Ragweed, which is larger, red blood cell or staphylococcus?It turns out that there are lots of ways to.Plant, what type of cell has chloroplasts?Keep asking good questions! Staphylococcus, which is larger, ragweed or dust mite?
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Plant, animal, how many organisms are on earth?

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There are many biochemical ways to detect gas exchange and metabolic processes.